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Free shipping on orders over €50 in the Netherlands

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DragonBall Super Card Game | Theme Selection | HISTORY OF SON GOKU TS01 - EN

All 15 cards come with new illustrations recreating some of the most popular scenes! Offering more well-designed cards for the increased number of collectors in the UW series.


  • 15 cards and 1 concept sheet

Card List:

  • 1 Ultra Instinct Goku's Kamehameha (Holo with gold stamp!)
  • 1 Ferocious Strike SS Son Goku
  • 1 SS Son Goku, Pride of the Saiyans
  • 1 Intensive Training Son Goku
  • 1 SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the Earth (Holo with gold stamp!)
  • 1 SS3 Son Goku, to New Extremes
  • 1 Son Goku, Forever in Our Memories
  • 1 SS Son Goku, the Legend Personified
  • 1 Son Goku, Allies in the Heart
  • 1 Difference of Status (Holo with gold stamp!)
  • 1 Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable
  • 1 Desperate Measures
  • 1 Korin Tower's Secret Medicine
  • 1 Son Goku, Unwavering Conviction
  • 1 Kakarot, Fate's Dawning

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