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DragonBall Super Card Game | ZENKAI Series Set 02 | FIGHTER’S AMBITION [DBS-B19] Booster Box (24 packs) - EN

Have you felt the power?

The mighty Fighters awaken to new strengths! New Gallant Heroes join the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! The insanely popular Zenkai Series returns with Dragon Ball Super Card Game Zenkai Series set 2: Fighter Ambition! 

Each box also contains a BONUS Super rare (SR) or Special Rare Card (SPR) as a box topper!

This extravagant set includes numerous characters from the Dragon Ball movies, including a massive line-up from the latest movie, "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero"!

In his ultimate form, Gohan's strength is off the charts and the fusion between grown-up Goten and Trunks Gotenks joins the fray! And at long last Piccolo's latent power is released -orange Piccolo is here.

Each booster box includes:

  • 24 booster packs (12 cards per pack)

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